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  2. Your Name: Yhan Eduque Age: 24 Current Country you live in: Steam URL: Steam3ID Hex: Discord ID: yhaniimee#8703 OFW/Citizen/Visitor?: Citizen
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  5. Steam Name: chyros Discord ID: MarkoP#3130 RP Name: Marko Polo Age: 27 Rate your roleplay in a scale of 1-10: 8 Character Back Story (2-3 paragraphs): I am Marko Polo, a single 27 years old man and grew up in Liberty City and finished my degree in University of Liberty City. Born and raised in Liberty City as well. I myself is a former football player back on my first to second yr of college but decided to focus on my criminology studies because on how I do well on my taken course. My dad, Lt. Mike Polo a well known cop in Los Santos and has been killed on a bank robbery last 10 years ago. He was my idol and since his death, I always wanted to get revenge on these types of people. I also want to make sure that no one will ever have the experience that I had by making the city safer than before. SCENARIO: There’s a bank robbery, and the Robbers ask for money or food but you don’t have. What are you going to do in this kind of situation?: I’ll tell them to give first the hostages before giving them the demand, and once the hostages are free, we capture them. SCENARIO: You’re pulling over a guy and asking him to step out of the vehicle but he’s not getting out of the car. What would you do? I will report the situation and give details on the vehicle and the person, No force is needed if it is a simple traffic stop. I will make sure that the suspect understands that i have given him adequate amount of warnings before i use force. SCENARIO: How many hours can you be in the city in a given week? 6-7 Hours SCENARIO: Is there any additional information you would like to add to your application? I cant seem to find the discord of aurora. Whenever i press the discord button on the website, error pops out of the website.
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  7. players should not be able to perform hostage animation or RP and kill in safe zones like Public Garage and other safe zones
  8. Minor suggestion lang po. Maganda sana kapag sasakay ka may seatbelt alarm sound tas kapag pinindot yung B button for seatbelt may sound effect na parang naglagay ng seatbelt. Tas yung pwde sana i-turn off and on yung engine kahit nasa loob ng sasakyan.
  9. Error Aurora 500 - Request Fix Form Your Name: Ben Dover Age: 24 Current Country you live in: USA Steam URL: Steam3ID Hex: 110000107a28f47 Discord ID: Sesa#7173 OFW/Citizen/Visitor?;Citizen
  10. Steam name: Pensium **Discord ID (Example: username#6666):Jin#2231 **Age:27 **Backstory (Should be 2-3 paragraphs):bago lang po ako dto sa city pero gusto ko pong makatulong sa kapwa tao simula pa nung bata po ako .kahit dto man lang ma expirience ko kung papano maging doctor **Rate your RP Skills (1-10): 10 **How many hours can you be in the city in a given week?: 7-8hrs SCENARIO SECTION Quote **SCENARIO 1 - People are calling for a medic. you arrived and you see injured people. what will you do? First ,check its vitals and apply first aid. Rush to the nearest hospital. Quote **SCENARIO 2 - If you see a criminal shooting everyone and died what will you do? call the police the rescue the wounded people the rush to the nearest hospital
  11. Hi, Am I still able to play on this server? I'm unable to link my steam account due to having a VAC ban on a different game.
  12. Steam URL : Name : GOTEN Gender : Male Age :18 Rate your RP 1 to 10 : 7 What is RP in your own perspective : Roleplay like you are in the city (ipasok mo yung sarili mo sa character) What can you contribute in this group : I will do anything that i can give in this group Days / Weeks / Months in Aurora : 3days How did you find out about YAKUZA : Tukmol and others in the city Do you have any experiences on Roleplaying as a gang member? : no but i can this is my first gang Do you have working MICROPHONE : Yes Are you active joining discord voice room? Yes What is the story of the MAIN CHARACTER that you plan to play? (Be detailed as possible) : Funny Gangmember but its terrible in the Gang war ,
  13. my fiber is good my pc is i7-z series mobo, msi 580, 24gb ddr4, win 10 lagi waiting for response pag nag relaunch ako ng app panibagong authentication nnmn sa browser -_- ilang uninstall na gnwa ko
  14. yeah sakin din gnyan constant authenticating sabi need ko irelaunch kaso ganun pa din iauthenticate nnmn sa browser kada open ko.. tapos stuck sa waiting for response.. any fix on this?
  15. Server was unplayable for me yesterday due to constant crashing. AuroraX tends to close by itself. FiveM crashing and closing on it's own also. I lowered Texture Quality already. What should I do? Other servers do not crash alot.
  16. kh3n

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    Add... 5. TunerChip. Can make this expensive
  17. kh3n

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    1. Strippers in stripper club. For research purpose Lap dance. Lady's drink and Lap Dance make it expensive 2. Taxi meter. Taxi fare that can compete with Slaughterer and Miner. wala na kasi nag tataxi 3. Responding to an EMS distress. Sometimes when responding they are invisible. 4. Some cars when upgrading are bug.
  18. di ko po alam kung bakit na multiple account ako , ito lang pong server na to ung nagustohan ko pero bakit po nag mumultiple account ako di ko naman sinishare ung GTA 5 ko at walang naka link dito sa account ko pero na multiple account parin ako
  19. same issue po. not working yung link. Error 504 Ray ID: 52f494ffcbdeeb3d • 2019-11-02 08:01:42 UTC Gateway time-out
  20. Steam Name: Osus What’s your real life name: James Cags Discord ID: O s u s#2260 Age: 21 Character Back story (Should be 2-3 paragraphs): Back when I was young, my father used to be the head of the Kida Cartel down in South America. One day, my father and I, are going to visit the church for our Linggo de misa. Then suddenly a black van stopped infront of our car, and rained down bullets in our car that murdered my father and his bodyguards, luckily my door was bullet proofed an I live up to this day, After that my grandfather send me away to Japan to study and live a quiet life, but instead I learned the way how to live like a Yakuza together with my grandfather's friend Mr. Tamadachi San, But one day he died in an accident, a car crash. Leaving our Organtization with no Boss, and blood related to take over the position. Then, Yakuza dissolved. And now i'm here in the city of Aurora ready to start a new life. How’s your RP in a scale of 1 to 10?: 7 Scenario: People are calling for a mechanic. you arrived and you see the car is thrashed to pieces. What will you do?: Ask the client and ask what happened to the car, we don't know if the car is related to a crime. if so, we need to call a police discreetly for assistance. and if not, we should tow the car if it's towwable or impound the car. Scenario: After you fix the client car. The Client Drive away without paying.What will you do?: immediately report to the police so they can assist me in locating the person or send them an invoice before he gets in to the car. Scenario: How many hours can you be in the city in a given week?: i'm mostly available at night up until 2am everyday. Is there any additional information you would like to add to your application? none so far, but i've been eyeing for the mech job eversince i've started at Aurora.
  21. 1. vStancer For Carshow purposes Screenshot: LINK : 2. Owned Car Thief NO PHOTOS . LINK :
  22. Steam Name: Brandon Steam ID: Steam Account/s that you want to switch to: Reason: Im police officer im responsible for any mess happened in my account and my brother wants to experience GTA V Roleplay so i need a switch account thank you.
  23. Steam Name:Someone What’s your real life name: Patrick Joel Verzano Discord ID: Someone#9136 Age:19 Character Back story (Should be 2-3 paragraphs): I always really like cars, I like watching them and repairing them (also tuning); I know how to get a job done in the best possible way. I was the mechanic of most street racers when I was back in the province. I was known for being reliable and able to push any car engine to its outer limits, almost blowing it up. How’s your RP in a scale of 1 to 10?:8 Scenario: People are calling for a mechanic. you arrived and you see the car is thrashed to pieces. What will you do?: First, I'm going to ask the caller what's going on on his car. So if I think this car is all right, I'm going to check the car before I repair it. Scenario: After you fix the client car. The Client Drive away without paying.What will you do?: I'm going to follow them, and I'm going to tell him where the fee is. If he thinks he doesn't have the money for that, I'm going to bill him as well if he doesn't have the money he's going to pay until he has the money I'm going to fix. Scenario: How many hours can you be in the city in a given week?: Also from 10AM to 6PM. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Sometime I will have to make other cars to fix if I have a free time. Is there any additional information you would like to add to your Okay, so if I recruit in this position, I'm going to promise all mechanical leader or head that I'm going to give the 100 percent RP to all caller or client. Obviously to be a good mechanic. I would promise all of my customer to her / him that they will be satisfied.
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