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  1. Am' i don't have any idea about my pc specs also i don't know how to check it.
  2. Hindi po yata ito yung section para mag post ng bug problems sir/ma'am
  3. I've been stucked here at the spawning area for one week, And before this thing happened to me everytime I logged in to the server it always requires me to sign my name/lastname/birthdate/height/sex and other players tried to help me they shot me in the head I died then i respawn back again on the same place where i was stucked;An admin told me to hop in to a motorcycle I could drive it or seat behind but if i hop off i will get stuck again;Admin tp'ed me lot of times instead i step on the ground I kept going up and also i could walk/jump/prone but im not moving and still on the same place; Please find a solution to this bug problem because I want to play on aurora again.