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  1. Steam name: Pensium **Discord ID (Example: username#6666):Jin#2231 **Age:27 **Backstory (Should be 2-3 paragraphs):bago lang po ako dto sa city pero gusto ko pong makatulong sa kapwa tao simula pa nung bata po ako .kahit dto man lang ma expirience ko kung papano maging doctor **Rate your RP Skills (1-10): 10 **How many hours can you be in the city in a given week?: 7-8hrs SCENARIO SECTION Quote **SCENARIO 1 - People are calling for a medic. you arrived and you see injured people. what will you do? First ,check its vitals and apply first aid. Rush to the nearest hospital. Quote **SCENARIO 2 - If you see a criminal shooting everyone and died what will you do? call the police the rescue the wounded people the rush to the nearest hospital