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Donating to the server

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Running AuroraRP costs money so to pay the costs there is a reward system for players who make AuroraRP a reality and are rewarded with donator levels and there are additional rewards when contributions reach certain amounts.

Donator Levels:

Level 1: P300 (No Monthly Subscription, It’s forever)

  • Ability to have a discord role called “Donator L1”.
  • Has a golden chat color in-game.
  • You won’t get kicked by our AFK Kicker.
  • Ability to have a discord role called “Donator L1”.
  • Your name will pop up when you logged in.

Level 2: P800 (Monthly Subscription)

  • Including Level 1 features.
  • Ability to have priority queue in-game.
  • Ability to play music in a public garage.
  • Ability to access the ATM everywhere you’re at.
  • Orange chat color in-game.

Level 3: Pricing Coming Soon (Monthly Subscription)

  • Including level 1 and 2 features.
  • Ability to use rapid transport.
  • Ability to have a priority queue plus in-game.
  • Has a rainbow chat color in-game.

Go to  to donate!

Note: You can upgrade your donator level soon with a discounted price.

For any payment inquiries: (AU) +61 451 818 594 or contact me at [email protected].

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