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    OUT OF CHARACTER SECTION: Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character. [Steam name]: Ayunari Mamochi [Discord ID Example: username#0123]: Solestial#1653 [Rate your RP Skills (1-10)]: 7 [Date of Birth:] Nov. 30 [Gender:] Female [Do you have a working microphone?:] Yes [Do you own a legal copy of GTA V?:] Yes [How did you find out about Aurora RP?:] FiveM list. [Do you have law enforcement experience? (FiveM or Real Life):] None [Do you have medical experience? (FiveM or Real Life):] Yes [Have you ever been to any other FiveM communities? (If so, please list them):] Yes, Valkyrie IN CHARACTER SECTION Please answer these questions as your in-game character persona. [Name]: Solest Shimozawa [Date of Birth:] August 8 [Gender:] Female [Phone Number:] 79-688 [Current Occupation?] None [Biography(a little story of your character)]: Solest is an orphan, she grew up without knowing who her parents are. She lived alone and raised herself on her own. She's independent, optimistic, and adventure enthusiast. [How long have you been a civilian in the city?]: 1day [Ever been convicted any crime in the city? If so, what?] None [Why do you want to join the Combat EMS? (3 Sentence Minimum)] [What do you think the duties of Combat EMS are?]: [Why should we choose you over other applicants? (3 Sentence Minimum)] [Do you have a valid GTA Driver Licenses?] Yes [Do you have a valid Weapon's Permit?] [How good is your driving skill?] Good [How active are you in the city?]: possibly 4x a week [Time you prefer to be on-duty]: 5-10PM SCENARIO SECTION [SCENARIO 1 - An injured person visited the hospital, what's the first thing you should do?]: Ask for what's the concern of the citizen [SCENARIO 2 - If a person carrying an unconscious person with a mask came to the hospital and asked for revival, what should you do?]: call a police. [SCENARIO 3 - Your friend got into an accident, and his/her BPM fall between 0-5 BPM (BPM that is considered to be dead), what will you do?]: Depends on the situation on how my friend got into this matter, legs/arms can possibly do a long rp operation also can lead to a short time of 'paralyzed patient', if Head, non-operable, automatically dead.
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    OUT OF CHARACTER SECTION:[Steam name]:Dubu[Discord ID Example: username#0123]:SHAZ BOTX#6498[Rate your RP Skills (1-10)]:9IN CHARACTER SECTION[Name]:Shaz Botx[Biography(a little story of your character)]: Nagumpisa sa pagiging tailor, naholdup. Nagtrabaho sa Butcher, Naholdup. Nagtaxi nahostage naman. kaya naghahanap ako ng bagong career sa buhay na walang panganib.[Time you prefer to be on-duty]:6pm-12mn[How long have you been a civilian in the city?]:2 weeks [How active are you in the city?]: 8-12hours a day[Do you have any experience with MECH (Past cities or real life)?]: nope[Why do you want to join the MECH?]: Salary [What do you think the duties of MECH are?]: Repairing, Upgrading and Cosmetics.SCENARIO SECTION[SCNEARIO 1 - People are calling for a mechanic. you arrived and you see the car is thrashed to pieces. What will you do?]: get a wrecker and tow the car back to the compound area then start servicing. [SCENARIO 2 - After you fix the client car. The Client Drive away without paying.What will you do?]: report it to the respectful officer. [SCENARIO 3 - How many hours can you be in the city in a given week?]: 30-40 hours
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    Table of Contents Main Server Guidelines/Rules Law Enforcement Philippine National Police Armed Forces of the Philippines Criminals Gangs Terrorist Gangs Uniform Turf Wars Emergency Medical Services Civilian Mechanic Weazel Reporters Commands & Binds RULES AND REGULATIONS Character Creation Use a proper and realistic name. Celebrity, fictional characters, or other famous people’s name cannot be used. Your character in-game must have originality. Do not imitate famous people’s roles. Account Ownership & Responsibility Players must not trade their accounts for money or valuables. Your account is your responsibility, may it be your Steam, Discord, or in-game character account. New Life Rule (NLR) Once you have reached 0-5 BPM, you are automatically granted a new life. Having a new life, of course, means you no longer remember everything that has happened in your past life. Your name and appearance should be changed. (Unless your new role-play is a relative of your past life, then you can have a similarity in the appearance and the same last name.) Fear Roleplay Value your life. You must fear for your life since you only have 1 life. Surrendering to criminals is a must unless you are someone with capabilities to fight against them. Running away is also classified as Fear RP, which is in turn classified as a fail RP. ROLEPLAY DO'S Must Stay In-Character Staying in-character means you have to strictly comply with the role-play. Declaring OOC often in-game is prohibited, it can only be done when there is a legitimate reason to do so, and not for personal gain or, for a complain while a scenario is on-going. Here are examples of out-of-character actions: Discussing personal lives. Using words that do not fit the role-play environment Advertising your stream in-game and telling people to say hi to your bodycam. Declaring a fail RP without finishing a scenario. There is an OOC channel in discord, however, all things that have been said there are pure out-of-character, therefore it cannot be used in-game. All OOC chats should not be taken personally and to roleplay. Manners is the Key in Getting Along Respect each and every one. Mind your words. Make sure your role-play does not harm anyone personally. ROLEPLAY DONT'S Powergaming Power-gaming, from the word itself, means the use of power in-game to surpass others or benefit one-self. Examples are the following: Using of admin powers, especially god-mode power during role-play scenarios. Using an overpowered weapon to another player during role-play scenarios. Taking advantage of a friend who’s from a higher rank, and using that for personal gains in-game. Metagaming Meta-gaming is obtaining information that is not found in-game, or not through the process of role-playing. Examples are the following: Knowing a person’s location from a stream you are watching. Using out-of-character (OOC) to provide others information. Using information obtained through OOC in roleplaying. Character Creation Bug exploit and abuse mean the use of bugs to take advantage of certain situations. Here are the examples: Wall glitch – Going through certain bugged walls in order to escape from a scenario. Punching or shooting an officer while in cuff animation is considered as bug exploit. Using of piggyback for something illegal. Duplication of items. Prone bug. Fail Roleplay Using prohibited weapons Being out-of-character Combat-log – Disconnecting from the game in order to escape from a situation. Random Death Match (RDM) Random Death Match (RDM) is killing or assassinating someone without any valid reason with either the use of fist or weapons, the following are the examples: Revenge killing right after the incident. Assassinating someone that does not have a bounty. Random killing with friends just for fun or for practice in public. Random Vehicle Death Match (RVDM or VDM) Random Vehicle Death Match or Vehicle Death Match (RVDM or VDM) is killing or assassinating someone without any valid reason with the use of a vehicle. Out-of-Character (OOC) When there is an ongoing RP NEVER CONDUCT OOC. Let the RP finish and talk about the issues afterwards. This prevents any commotion to happen in the city. ALWAYS comply and let the Admins and Staffs handle it. NEVER PUT IN OOC. Value your Life Value your life during a hostage/holdup situation. You must value your life when held at gunpoint. Try to fight back is consider as fail RP. Even in a One on One situation, a person must comply. If the person you are holding at gunpoint refuse to comply you have the right to shoot him/her. If you are a Law Enforcement Officer, value of life is slightly different from that of a Civilian. This is to give our LEOs a fair chance in that RP. LEOs can still fight back if the ratio is 1:1 and 1:2. Meaning, an officer is only obliged to comply if ratio is already 1:3. Therefore: 1 Officer vs 3 Criminals = Comply. 2 Officers vs 5 Criminals = Comply. If 1 Officer vs 2 Criminals or 2 Officers vs 3-4 Criminals = Fight back. ROLEPLAY WORDS Here are the appropriate words to use in order to comply with the roleplay environment. [Nahihilo/Dizzy] Lag [Tulog/Sleep] Log-out [Idlip/Nap] Reconnect [Bodycam] Stream [Iniipis ka/Cockroach on your feet] You’re glitching [Nanginginig ka/You’re shaking] Your voice is a robot [Pagamot/Pacheck-up/Treatment] Heal [Ligtas ang buhay/Revive] Revive [May gagawin sa isipan/Daydream] AFK [Tsunami] Server Restart [Flex] Click [Civilian] NPC [Connection Interrupted] Red-eye [Konsensya/Multo] Player invisible [Sumabog utak/Brain damaged] Crashed AURORA CITY RULES Aurora Executive Order No. 01 - 2020 DISRESPECTING AN LEO/GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL Anyone caught disrespecting an LEO from PNP, AFP and FIB can face up to 50 - 100 community service. 50 community service for civilians and 100 for fellow whitelisted jobs including Combat EMS. Aurora Executive Order No. 02 - 2020 APPREHENSION OF UNWANTED VISITORS AT MEDICAL CENTER Anyone caught loitering around the hospital with no intention or business being at the hospital are subject to apprehend by an LEO with a minimum community service of 50. Aurora Executive Order No. 03 - 2020 (TEMPORARY) DRIVING/USING/SELLING OF MAZDA 3 VEHICLE IS FORBIDDEN Any citizen caught using or driving of Mazda 3 will be warned and possible ban from the city depending on the reputation record of the citizen. Aurora Executive Order No. 04 - 2020 WHITELISTED JOB For those who are newly hired you can't resign for the first 30 days. If you don't show up for work for more than 5 days without sending a letter of absence you will be blacklisted or considered AWOL. Also if you get terminated from work or had submitted a letter of resignation, you won't be able to apply for other whitelisted jobs for 7 days. https://aurorav.net/topic/42-aurorarp-job-blacklist/ Aurora Executive Order No. 05 - 2020 SECOND ACCOUNT Using of "second account" is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Violators will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. Aurora Executive Order No. 06 - 2020 MECHANIC SHOP It is prohibited to do holdup or hostage taking inside Aurora Mechanic Shop. ROBBERIES The following rules for robbery must be followed to ensure the smooth roleplay in Aurora City: Police, AFP, Combat EMS and Criminals are NOT allowed to use helmet during robbery situation. You cannot ROB/KIDNAP/HOLDUP while there's no EMS on duty. If there's an ongoing robbery the next robbery will have to cancel so there will be no waiting. Robbers must have a concrete plan before starting a robbery. Robbers are allowed to set up outside within 5 meters from Principal Bank with a maximum of 2 people. Only one negotiator for both sides and none should be harmed during the negotiation. Hostages cannot be killed if they are in compliance with the demand. Hostages must be released for every demand granted. Robbers will give 5 minutes ready time for the police after a successful heist. After 5 minutes, if the respondents weren’t there robbers are free to escape. Robbers and Police cannot use medkit during the battle. Once caught will be warned by the admin. Only one helicopter can be used by the Police during a car chase. This is only to provide the location of the robbers, and it must not be used to kill or shoot. Robberies cannot be conducted when there is no EMS or Police (Fear Role-play applied). The ratio must be strictly followed. Police or Criminals cannot create a ratio on their own during negotiation. Free Passage Definition: Free Passage Until The Suspects Enters The Car Safely If Suspects Demands For No Throwables He/She Must Choose Only One: Grenade Or Bz Gas (Strictly 1 Hostage : 1 Demand Only) Ban Mazda3 On All Robberies Hostage Must Stay Atleast 10 Mins. On Pd After Robbery/Hostage Taking/Kidnapping All Suspects Exiting The Door Can Be Apprehend By An Leo Via Tackle Or Taser No Robbers Must Go To Their Bases When On A Car-Chase/Robbery Unable To Follow This Rule Will Result Of Fail RP. Using Homing Missiles of your Assets is not allowed when on Kidnapping/Hostage/Robbery RP Criminals are not allowed to use taser during Robbery RP. LEO are only allowed to use taser when an EMS is reviving a criminal. In an on going robbery, if there's 5+ criminals that are alive they are required for transfer to boiling broke escorted by Police, FIB, AFP and Sheriff LEOs. No using of Flare gun. For Yacht Robbery, robbers are not allowed to rob and escape immediately. No negations will happen, therefore, resulting to direct shootout. Props are not allowed to be spawned in all robberies unless you are an EMS or Mechanic. Robbers and LEOs cannot use motorbikes during Robbery No spectators during robbery Using of /e cam during robberies will be considered meta gaming Robbers cannot demand restrictions on LEO's weapon of choice. ADDITIONAL RULES FOR CAR CHASE (ROBBERY) LEOs can now open fire the robbers upon entering to a 2nd transport/escape vehicle. (this is only possible when there is 2 government property have been destroyed) LEOs can now open fire the robbers upon reaching or entering the ocean/beach/river Robbers can do scuba diving to escape as long as there is proper equipment for diving Robbers/LEOs died in the water is considered 0BPM/NLR RULES FOR RESCUE RP CRIMINAL TRANSFER TO BOILING BROOKE At least 8 LEOs on Duty (Depending on availability of LEOs on distress) High Profile Criminal with a minimum of x5 Cases for a Specific Major Violation, Confirmed Terrorist, Wanted Fugitive, High Profile Criminal Guilty with 300+ Deadly Weapons or 3000g + Illegal Substances. Detained criminal must allowed to call/contact the relatives before the transport to boiling brook happens. The rescue/ambush must be outside the City-Proper (City proper boundary is Highway or Freeway) After a successful transfer to Boiling Brooke, the criminal will be sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment which means he will die of old age in prison (NLR rules apply.) HEAD COUNT: Minimum of 4 and Maximum of 8 rescuers are allowed. (Even without rescuers transfer RP continues) Minimum of 6 and Maximum of 10 LEOs are allowed to particpate. WEAPONS PROHIBITED: Sniper RPG Heavy Revolver Heavy Shotgun No Helicopters No AFP Assets NOTE TO LEOS AND RESCUERS: If the RESCUERS won the rescue RP, LEOs are going to remove all of their cases/convictions (Detainees only) and he/she must hide under new identity for New Life Rule. If they lose, all detainees will spent 60 years (60 mins in real-time) in prison. Principal Bank (40 mins only) NOTE: You can rob the Principal Bank if there are 10 LEO's On-Duty. Cool-down: 30 minutes Number of robbers: Minimum of FIVE and Maximum of TEN Number of responders: Equal to the number of robbers + 2 (Ex. 5 robbers = 7 responders) Number of EMS: THREE Number of hostages: THREE The number of throwable objects: Teargas Max. 3 / Grenade Max. 3 PROHIBITED FIREARMS Snipers Revolvers Heavy shotgun Grenade Launcher and RPG Fleeca Bank (20 mins only) Cool-down: 15 minutes Number of robbers: Minimum of TWO and Maximum of FOUR Number of responders: 1 : 1 ratio Number of EMS: THREE Number of hostages: TWO Number of throwable objects: NONE PROHIBITED FIREARMS Snipers Revolvers Heavy shotgun Throwable Grenade Launcher and RPG Store (15 mins only) Cool-down: 15 minutes Number of robbers: Minimum of TWO and Maximum of FOUR Number of responders: 1 : 1 ratio Number of EMS: THREE Number of hostages: TWO Number of throwable objects: NONE PROHIBITED FIREARMS Snipers Revolvers Heavy shotgun Throwable Grenade Launcher and RPG ATM Robbery (15 mins only) Cool-down: 5 minutes Number of robbers: Minimum of ONE and Maximum of TWO Number of responders: 1 : 1 ratio Number of EMS: THREE Number of hostages: NONE Number of throwable objects: NONE Item need: Crowbar PROHIBITED FIREARMS Rifles Snipers Revolvers Heavy shotgun Throwable Grenade Launcher and RPG Jewelry Robbery (40 mins only) Cool-down: 2 hours Number of robbers: Minimum of TWO and Maximum of FIVE Number of responders: 1 : 1 ratio Number of EMS: THREE Number of hostages: ONE Number of throwable objects: Teargas Max 1/ Grenade Max 2 PROHIBITED FIREARMS Snipers Revolvers Heavy shotgun Grenade Launcher and RPG Yacht Robbery (40 mins only) NOTE: You can rob Yacht if there are 5 LEOs On-Duty. Cool-down: 15 minutes Number of robbers: Minimum of FOUR and Maximum of SIX Number of responders: Equal to no. of robbers + 1 (ex: 4 robbers = 5 responders) Number of EMS: THREE The number of hostages: NO HOSTAGES. DIRECT SHOOTOUT. Number of throwable objects:4 total ( Teargas or Grenade) PROHIBITED FIREARMS Snipers Revolvers Minigun Grenade Launcher and RPG Humane Lab Robbery Rules (40 mins only) NOTE: You can rob the Human Lab if there are 10 LEOs On-Duty. Cool-down: 45 minutes Number of responders: NUMBER OF ROBBERS + 5 LEO Number of robbers: Minimum of TEN Number of EMS: THREE Number of hostages: 2 Min. Hostages Negotiations are done at the front gate w/ 1 negotiator from both sides 5 Smoke grenades are allowed 5 grenades are allowed PROHIBITED FIREARMS Snipers Revolvers Minigun Grenade Launcher and RPG Sticky Bombs Time limit for all Robbery Sites ATM = 15 mins Store = 15 mins Fleeca Time = 20 mins Vangelico Jewelry = 20 mins Yacht = 40 mins Humane Labs = 40 mins Principal Bank = 40 mins NOTE: Timer will start when shots are fired. Both LEO and Robbers must be aware of the time limit per robbery site, Failure to finish the robbery within the said time limit will be considered voided. Demand for 30 or any time related from the robbers are not allowed anymore. KIDNAPPING AND HOLDUP Kidnapping Police and Combat EMS On-duty can be robbed and ONLY when they are not responding to distress and to any crime scenes. Mechanic on-duty cannot be kidnapped. Police can be kidnapped when on-duty and ONLY when they are not responding to any crime scenes. A maximum number of kidnappers: FIVE. A person cannot be kidnapped when they are in a safe zone. No scripted kidnapping. The person you kidnap should not be related to you or should not know your plan beforehand. You must role-play your kidnapping progress, such as “Taas kamay, sumama ka samin!” or in English, “Hands-up! You’re coming with us!” Hostages must be cuffed to avoid any fail role-play accusations. The hostage cannot be killed while the negotiation is on-going. “Hostage cannot be killed when they are in compliance with the demand.” Kidnappers can only use 4-door vehicles when extracting their hostage/hostages. Extracting a hostage with a motorcycle is not allowed due to unrealistic circumstances. Maximum Ranson to be ASKED: Government Workers: 500,000 PHP Whitelisted Jobs: 300,000 PHP Normal Civilians: 100,000 PHP ADDITIONAL RULES FOR KIDNAPPING A LEO PNP/AFP/FIB/SHERIFF can only be robbed/kidnapped when their combined count in F10 is 12. If the Head of Department (whether it may be from AFP, PNP, FIB and Sheriff) were to be kidnapped, maximum of 2 demands are allowed. (Applicable to all gangs and kidnappers only) If the Head of Department (whether it may be from AFP, PNP, FIB and Sheriff) were to be kidnapped, no maximum demands. (Applicable to LEO vs. ARPA only) Demands are only valid when hostage is safely secured, failure to comply from both parties' demand will result to Fail-RP. If he/she is not the Head then maximum demand is 1 only. Holdup Police and Combat EMS On-duty can be robbed and ONLY when they are not responding to distress and to any crime scenes. Mechanic on-duty cannot be robbed. Maximum Holdappers: FIVE You must role-play to rob a person like, “Holdap to, taas mo kamay mo!” or in English, “Put your hands up, where’s your wallet?!” You must come face-to-face with your target and you should ensure you are heard clearly. Victims must be cuffed for a smoother role-play. Hostages/Victims can escape when they see a chance possible; however, criminals have the right to shoot them while they are on their escape. Maximum money to be taken: 1,000,000 PHP CRIMINALS Criminals must wear a mask before conducting a crime. Criminals should not use Police, AFP, FIB and Sheriff outfit. F1 Rules must be thoroughly read to avoid any fail RP. Once granted a new life, they must strictly comply. PROHIBITED ACTIONS FOR ALL RP NO TACKLING IN ANY RP EXCEPT FOR ROBBERY, BUT ONLY USE IT WHEN THE ROBBER TRIES TO ESCAPE/RESIST ARREST. IF POSSIBLE, USE TASER INSTEAD. USE OF BOXES INSIDE A BUILDING WHERE ROBBERY IS HAPPENING OR RIGHT IN FRONT OF ENEMY/ENEMY'S BASE IS PROHIBITED AS WELL. USING REMOVE CLOTHES FEATURE TO CHANGE CLOTHES/UNIFORM OR APPEARANCE DURING RP IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. THEREFORE, HOLDING L TO USE INTERACTIVE CLOTHES MANAGEMENT IN ANY RP IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS CONFISCATED ITEMS AND WEAPONS FROM SUSPECTS AND DEAD BODIES (SUSPECTS) ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED FOR PERSONAL PURPOSES. - Confiscated Bandage and Super Soldier Chocolate is an exception (Robbery). - For other RPs, confiscated MedKits, Bandages and Super Soldier Chocolates can be used. HOLDUP/KIDNAPPING/OPEN SHOOTOUT - GANG/CIVILIAN/TERRORIST/LEO (Other additional rules) NO USING OF ASSETS WITH HOMING MISSLE. - IF it is LEO vs Terrorist, assets with homing missle can only counter-attack Terrorist assets and vice-versa. This ruling goes for ALL RP. RPG AND THROWABLES IS ALLOWED IF THEY ALSO HAVE THESE WEAPONS. - IF it is LEO vs Terrorist, RPG attack must only hit Terrorist assets and vice-versa. Hitting a Terrorist/LEO with an RPG itself is considered as POWER GAMING. This ruling goes for ALL RP. ONE STEAM ACCOUNT RULE Having more than one Steam account to play in the server is strictly prohibited. Anyone who goes against the rule will be banned permanently. WHITELISTED JOB RULES Whitelisted jobs cannot go AFK. If there is an emergency and you can inform everyone, please do so. If you can't then explain it afterwards and never argue. Please be mindful that situations do come at any time, this is why it is suggested to go OFF-DUTY even if you'll be AFK for a very short period of time.