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  1. OUT OF CHARACTER SECTION: Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character. [Steam name]:W E S [Discord ID Example: username#0123]: wesley#1603 [Rate your RP Skills (1-10)]: 9 [Date of Birth:] 12/06/1990 [Gender:] male [Do you have a working microphone?:] yes [Do you own a legal copy of GTA V?:] yes [How did you find out about Aurora RP?:] friends [Do you have law enforcement experience? (FiveM or Real Life):] none [Do you have medical experience? (FiveM or Real Life):] yes [Have you ever been to any other FiveM communities? (If so, please list them):] Gokudo IN CHARACTER SECTION Please answer these questions as your in-game character persona. [Name]: Shiao LongBao [Date of Birth:] 12/06/90 [Gender:] male [Phone Number:] 62-937 [Current Occupation?] Taxi Driver [Biography(a little story of your character)]: My mom is a prostitute, and I have 6 siblings who also have diff fathers. [How long have you been a civilian in the city?]: 5 days [Ever been convicted any crime in the city? If so, what?] none [Why do you want to join the Combat EMS? (3 Sentence Minimum)] I want to attend to people who are injured and save lives. [What do you think the duties of Combat EMS are?]: To have the primary responsibility of providing medical care to the SWAT team, but their duties extend far beyond that task. [Why should we choose you over other applicants? (3 Sentence Minimum)] Because I can be your hero BABY [Do you have a valid GTA Driver Licenses?] yes [Do you have a valid Weapon's Permit?] yes [How good is your driving skill?]10 [How active are you in the city?]: very active [Time you prefer to be on-duty]: 6pm to 3am SCENARIO SECTION [SCENARIO 1 - An injured person visited the hospital, what's the first thing you should do?]: Attend asap then asked what happened.. life is more importanter. [SCENARIO 2 - If a person carrying an unconscious person with a mask came to the hospital and asked for revival, what should you do?]: Unmask the person to reveal your inner thrilling suspense fantasy, then revive the person may it be a criminal or a good citizen, because who are we to judge who lives and dies. we are not GOD. and I THANK YOU. [SCENARIO 3 - Your friend got into an accident, and his/her BPM fall between 0-5 BPM (BPM that is considered to be dead), what will you do?]: My first thought is to let him die, but! as a responsible EMS (if i would be accepted) then, I will follow my full responsibility to be the best EMS that I COULD EVER BE. then maybe let him die in peace.
  2. [Steam name]:W E S[Discord ID Example: username#0123]: WESLEY#1603[Rate your RP Skills (1-10)]: 8IN CHARACTER SECTION[Name]: Shiao LongBao[Biography(a little sto =ry of your character)]: Black Chinese dude whos into cars[Time you prefer to be on-duty]: probably 7pm onwards[How long have you been a civilian in the city?]: 5 days[How active are you in the city?]: active[Do you have any experience with MECH (Past cities or real life)?]: yes[Why do you want to join the MECH?]: Besides customizing my own car, i would like to help others have their cars fixed.[What do you think the duties of MECH are?]: Fixing, customizing, helping others decide on what to choose. [SCNEARIO 1 - People are calling for a mechanic. you arrived and you see the car is thrashed to pieces. What will you do?]: ask what happened, check the car, and fix it. [SCENARIO 2 - After you fix the client car. The Client Drive away without paying.What will you do?]: report to my boss or call the police. [SCENARIO 3 - How many hours can you be in the city in a given week?]: 40 above.