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  1. I would like you to inform your Interview will be tomorrow April 08 2020 at 1400 PH Time . Pls wear your Formal Attire. Thank You
  2. I would like you to inform your Interview will be tomorrow April 07 2020 at 1400 PH Time . Pls wear your Formal Attire. Thank You
  3. You are required to have a Discord. Answer the APPLICATION FORM seriously. Give the appropriate answer to what's being asked.
  4. ALPHA [Police General] Alpha - 01 Russ Alpha - 02 Nyawk Alpha - 03 Catin Alpha - 04 Hezzz BRAVO CHARLIE [Police Lieutant General] [Police Major General] Bravo - 01 Liquid No one holds this rank currently. DELTA ECHO [Police Brigadier General] [Police Colonel] Delta - 01 Marcus Echo - 01 JohnSins FOXTROT GOLF [Police Lieutenant Colonel] [Police Major] Foxtrot - 01 MacTavish Golf - 01 Chikoy Golf - 02 King Jared HOTEL [Police Captain] Hotel - 01 Brax INDIA [Police Lieutenant] India - 01 Bon Chao KILO [Police Chief Master Sergeant] No one holds this rank currently JULIET [Police Executive Master Sergeant] JULIET - 01 Dimaano LIMA [Police Senior Master Sergeant] Lima - 01 Mike Lima - 02 Cheno Lima - 02 Paul Lima - 03 Mitchel MIKE [Police Master Sergeant] Mike - 01 Zild Mike - 02 Gab NOVEMBER [Police Staff Sergeant] Nov - 01 Jhakey Nov - 02 (Airon) Nov - 03 (Dom) OSCAR [Police Corporal] Oscar – 01 Orek Oscar – 02 David Oscar - 03 Marcial Oscar - 04 Zel Oscar - 05 Haise Oscar - 06 Bes Oscar - 07 Sir Kim Oscar - 08 Deo
  5. RULES AND REGULATIONS [You are to memorize the Miranda rights and have a vast knowledge of the Philippine law.] You must abide by higher officials at all times. You must strictly follow all the rules. You are to serve the citizens of Aurora City Police should always follow CoC (Code of Conduct) If you are shot or aimed by a criminal with a lethal weapon, you are then allowed to kill them. [You are to enforce safety upon all citizens (including criminals) unless provoked to take further action.] Police officers should always inform the EMS in-charge regarding the status of the crime. Whether it is clear or any other status. However, if all police are dead, they should inform via tweet. Always check the PNP chat/ PNP announcements (Especially the mentions) Fill up your attendance record/s immediately and follow the attendance format. [Salute/Respect the higher ranks.] Be professional in talking to other officers and civilians. When on-duty, make sure that you are in the dispatch channel. Always Use Push-to-Talk on discord/dispatch. Uniform is a must. (This does not apply to Colonel or higher officers) Make sure to go off-duty when you’re not on duty anymore. If you decide to park your personal vehicle, please take it to the police garage to notify us that it is not a civilian's vehicle. If you will park it in front, please notify our commanding officer/s. All police cars with cosmetics are not allowed. Set it to original modification. Failure to comply will result to an automatic warning. Turn off siren/lights when leaving your police cars. When you going off-duty, make sure to store your police vehicle in the garage. [Always surrender your guns at all times when you are Off Duty] [Do always your Job routine at all times when you are On duty] [Do not give police gun to any civilian in the City] [Do not leave your Police Car Unattended in any place on the city] [No horseplaying while On Duty] [No running at police department] [Use Police Radio Properly]
  6. Motto To Protect and To Serve. Vision As the vanguard of the law, and with the help of our city, the LSPD expects to be one with the people and to become a credible, reliable, and highly effective police force, qualified to ensure that Project X City is at its safest era. Mission The Mission of the LSPD shall enforce the law, mediate civility and eliminate threats to our society, maintain order, and ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community.
  7. PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE (PNP) Police or the Philippine National Police are law enforcing individuals that are highly trained to protect our city. NOTE: If a police officer is caught disobeying and breaking the law, the higher-ups are required to imprison him/her, double the normal jail time of criminals do. Repeated caught crimes that reach up to THREE TIMES will be considered as a force termination of position. One cannot be hired as a higher ranking officer immediately. You are to be mentally and physically examined whether you are fit for the position. Apprehending suspects avoiding arrest. (Chase on-foot) The police are required to warn the suspect 3 times with 5-second intervals between each warning that they will be tazed if they won’t surrender. The police have all the right to taze a suspect avoiding arrest on-foot if they attempt to get away by entering a vehicle. (No warnings needed). The maximum tolerance is expected from each police officer. If you are caught beating or hurting a civilian whether incarcerated or not and is of no physical threat to you or any other officer or civilian on the server, you are to be demoted and stripped of your job. Police Officers can only be revived only if their BPM is 6 onwards. If they died(0-5 BPM) during robbery, holdup or got into an accident, NLR definitely applies to them. Parking lot in front of the PD is for guests only.
  8. ACA RP Rules and Quality RP Conditions ACA Agents must not tell anyone that they are working for the Agency when not in uniform. ACA Agents must be professional when addressing their Superior Officers, Future clients and Gov't Officials, this also includes dealing with other clients. (Establishment Security and VIP Escorts) ACA Agents must have a 10 second mark to inform the target that he/she is in danger. ACA Agents must strictly do their business contracts in HQ Base to ensure security and secrecy of the operation/business of their clients. ACA Agents are prohibited to rob banks, stores, jewelry and yatch as they are going to have a salary. Only ACA Commanders and CEO are the only allowed personels to coordinate the PD/AFP/Gov't Officials for DARK Operations and other contract services (Establishment Security and VIP Escorts) ACA Agents can be hired as Reserved Forces for PD/AFP whenever needed. ACA Agents are allowed to heavy weapons everywhere. ACA Agents must gather all intels within the city. All applicants must be atleast 1 week working and residing in the city of Aurora. Not affiliated with any gang or syndicates. All traitors will he have a public execution and will be aired on weazel news for permanent character kill 10 CODES 10-1 Go to Private Freq 10-31 No Warrants 10-2 Radio Check Loud and Clear 10-32 Request Back Up 10-3 Stop Transmitting 10-41 Beginning Tour of Duty 10-4 Affirmative 10-42 Beginning Tour of Duty 10-6 Busy 10-49 Homicide 10-7 Out of Service 10-50 Vehicle Accident 10-8 In Service PD: Property Damge Only 10-9 Repeat PI: Persons Injured 10-10 Fight in Progress F: Fatal 10-11 Traffic Stop 10-51 Request Towing Service 10-13 Shots Fired 10-52 Request EMS 10-15 Subject in Custody , En Route 10-55 In Toxicated Driver 10-16 Stolen Vehicle 10-60 Armed with a Gun 10-17 Suspicious Person 10-61 Armed with a Knife 10-19 Retun to Station 10-62 Kidnapping 10-20 Location 10-66 Reckless Driver 10-21 Phone Call 10-68 Armed Robberry 10-22 Disregard 10-70 Foot Pursuit 10-23 Arrived on Scene 10-71 Request Supervisor At Scene 10-27 Drivers License Check 10-80 Vehicle Pursuit 10-29 Warrant Check 10-90 Robberry 10-30 Wanted Person 10-99 Officer in Distress Extreme Emergency ALWAYS REMEMBER 5 POINTS OF MILITARY DISCIPLINE 1. Obey first before you complain. 2. The fault of one is the fault of all. 3. My “buddy” is my body. 4. If it is not for the good of all, I will not sacrifice myself. 5. I must be stable even under pressure. CREDITS FROM THE AFP MIRANDA RIGHTS "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?"
  9. ~Motto~ "Fidelity , Integrity and Bravery." ~Vision~ Ahead of the threat through leadership , agility , and intergration. ~Mission~ To protect the people and uphold the Constitution of the Aurora City. ~Priorities~ Protect the Aurora City from terrorist attack. Protect the Aurora City against foreign intelligence operations and espionage. Protect the Aurora City againt cyber-based attacks and high technology crimes. Combat public corruption at all levels. Protect civil rights. Combat transnational/national criminal organizationas and enterprises. Combat major white-collar crime. Combat significant violent crime. ~Core Values~ Rigorous obedience to the Constitution of the Aurora City Respect for the dignity of all those we protect Compassion Fairness Uncompromising personal integrity and institutional integrity Accountability by accepting responsibility for our actions and decisions and the consequences of our actions and decisions Leadership, both personal and professional; and Diversity ~FIB AGENTS MUST~ Adhere to the highest standards of conduct, especially in maintaining honesty and integrity. Be available for worldwide assignment. Carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary. Be willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants and other dangerous assignments, all of which pose the risk of personal bodily harm.