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  1. OUT OF CHARACTER SECTION:[Steam name]:Shancutie[Discord ID Example: username#0123]:shancutiepie#6770[Rate your RP Skills (1-10)]:7IN CHARACTER SECTION[Name]:Shanley Trosauder[Biography(a little story of your character)]:Playing computer all the time[Time you prefer to be on-duty]:evening [How long have you been a civilian in the city?]:2 weeks[How active are you in the city?]:everyday[Do you have any experience with MECH (Past cities or real life)?]:Just watching how to repair things[Why do you want to join the MECH?]:im joining because i love to do it and im always watching gta on this server thats why im joining [What do you think the duties of MECH are?]:to repair parts of cars, motor, and other thingsSCENARIO SECTION[SCNEARIO 1 - People are calling for a mechanic. you arrived and you see the car is thrashed to pieces. What will you do?]: I will check the car what is the damage and inform the costumer all cost and i will repair it [SCENARIO 2 - After you fix the client car. The Client Drive away without paying.What will you do?]: i will report to my boss and report to the pulis [SCENARIO 3 - How many hours can you be in the city in a given week?]: 48 above