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  1. OUT OF CHARACTER INFO STEAM NAME: Isnabero STEAM URL LINK: DISCORD ID EXAMPLE: isnabero#7365 GENDER: Male AGE: 33 DATE OF BIRTH: June 30, 1987 COUNTRY: Philippines DO YOU HAVE A WORKING MICROPHONE? Yes! IN-GAME CHARACTER INFO RATE YOUR RP SKILLS (1-10): 5 NAME: Ice Isnabero BIOGRAPHY: Name is ice isnabero. may 40+ hours na akong civilian sa siyudad. Gusto ko maging mekaniko para mapaganda o mapatulin ang mga sasakyan sa siyudad pero syempre bayad muna. baka mamaya eh malugi ang company. hehehe HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A CIVILIAN IN THE CITY: I can't remember pero since November ata. CURRENT OCCUPATION: Train Driver TIME YOU PREFER TO BE ON-DUTY: 8 to 10 hours. DO YOU HAVE ANY MECHANIC EXPERIENCE: Yes! I use to fix my own car and my friends car in OOC HOW ACTIVE ARE YOU IN THE CITY: rate of 1 to 10. I think 8. HAVE YOU BEEN INTO OTHER CITY? IF YES, PLEASE LIST THEM: Yes. From Lapresa. WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE MECHANIC TEAM?: Para matulungan ang mga nasisiraan sa siyudad. at in the same time para mapaganda at ma setup ang oto nila. hilig ko rin kasi tlga ang mag setup ng sasakyan. [SCENARIO 1] – PEOPLE ARE CALLING FOR A MECHANIC, YOU ARRIVED AND YOU SEE THE CAR IS THRASHED TO PIECES, WHAT WILL YOU DO?: Gagawin ko lahat para magawa pero kung hindi na tlaga sorry pero i need to say na total wrecked na ang knyang sasakyan. [SCENARIO 2] – AFTER YOU FIX THE CLIENT’S CAR, THE CLIENT DROVE AWAY WITHOUT PAYING, WHAT WILL YOU DO?: Pag tinakbuhan nya ako. Subukan ko habulin. Siguro para safe nalang hingin ko muna driver's license nya para malaman ko muna ang pangalan nya. Pero kung wala tlga babawas ko nalang sa sahod ko. [SCENARIO 3] – HOW MANY HOURS CAN YOU BE IN THE CITY IN A GIVEN WEEK?: 8 to 10 hours in a day. [SCENARIO 4] – A FRIEND OF YOURS BROUGHT A VEHICLE THAT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE/FORBIDDEN TO UPGRADE, WHAT WILL YOU DO?: Sorry kahit kaibigan o kahit may position ka sa siyudad. BAWAL IS BAWAL. Sunod nalang tayo.