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  1. Turf War Consist of 15 members in each gang can participate in the said event There will be 3 turfs that you can attack and defend. Turf war can only happen thrice a week for 2 hrs (*) Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (10 pm -12 mn PHT) You must hold the turf within 3minutes to officially get it You must be in Gang Uniform Turf war is considered RED ZONE EMS,PNP,AFP,ACA, ARPA can not partake in this event. ---reviving by the EMS while the event is still on-going is not allowed Shoot to kill enabled within the turf area Point System for every Capture Respawn after 2 mins at their base. Weapons Allowed: All Rifles All Pistols All SMG's All Melee's Rules: No sniper, One-shot guns, and Machine Guns No shotguns Heavy shotguns and assault shotgun No any type of throwables No RPG, No Grenade Launcher, No Helmets No Team Up No Cars/Helicopter Restricted to Gang Car to be used as transportation No VDM