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  1. AURORA TAXI THE BASICS 1. Uber can use any vehicle (motorcycle, sedan, sports, and etc.) except for off road and banned vehicles (such as mazda 3 in the bible). Note that all vehicles must be recognized by the Taxi Boss before using it on duty. 2. Always bring tracker, radio, and cellphone when on duty 3. Strictly follow uniform before going on duty 4. Car wash is a must as per instructions from Mayor 5. No mask, or anything that would cause fear to the client as per instructions from Mayor DISTRESS AND CALLS 1. Taxi drivers must be on duty whenever there are distress calls. 2. Taxi drivers should agree who will respond to the distress call. 3. If the assigned taxi driver experiences red eye, cockroach (iniipis), the nearest taxi driver should back up the distress 4. Anyone caught stealing distress will be fined 2,000,000 TRAFFIC RULES 1. It is encouraged to strictly follow traffic rules especially if there are government workers (police/fib/sherif/afp). 2. Anyone caught by the police due to over speeding, beating the red light, and others will receive strikes: 1st strike - Warning 2nd strike - 500,000 fine 3rd strike - will be sent to LTO and redo the license procedure