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  1. Armed Forces of the Philippines DO's Must strictly follow rules and regulations. All soldiers must abide and obey higher officials. You must be in full uniform at all times, especially during attacks. Soldiers are tasked to protect and respect the citizens of Aurora. You are allowed to protect yourself if threatened to be killed. You are allowed to kill anyone who enters the base without permission. When you are on-duty, kindly proceed to the dispatch channel. You are NOT allowed to go off-duty so that we can monitor where you are going. If you decide to go to the City, checkpoint uniform and/or civilian clothes are allowed. DONT's As stated in the CoE, AFP has no place for corruption. Therefore, anyone caught doing illegal activities are ground for either termination, imprisonment with suspension or execution. This will depend on the type of offence committed. Trainees must be accompanied by higher officials until promoted. They are not allowed to join operations unless commanded to. Never draw out your weapon unless somebody threatened you with a lethal weapon. Assets cannot be used to roam around. You are only allowed to use it during attacks/operations. AFP, Combat Medic, FIB, Sheriff and PNP Joint Operations Joint Operations will be conducted if there's not enough Police, FIB, Sheriff, AFP and Combat medics. Both sides shall be informed ahead of time or at least 10 minutes before whether it may be for robbery, raids or terror attack. Any weapons/assets are allowed in raids and terror attack or whatever LEOs have agreed on using. For robbery, it is not allowed to use heavy attack assets and prohibited weapons. There should be at least 1 combat medic (On duty) left in the hospital during a robbery or Joint Operation. Other departments are allowed to substitute the Police in a robbery when there's none available. APPREHENSION No apprehensions are allowed in the event of AFP vs Terrorist.(base attacks)