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Found 3 results

  1. Gang Territories Rules: Minimum of 10 gang members for both gangs before they can declare a war (check F10 scoreboard, make sure to have a screenshot as proof) Gang must declare a war thru OOC 5 minutes preparation before attacking each other's gang base (If 5 mins is over and defenders are not present in the base, attackers can immediately start capturing) There will be a designated RP (drugs or money wash) per gang base, if they capture another gang base they will get their designated RP until recaptured or server restart The captured zone will change its color to your gang's color A gang that is trying to take their turf back is allowed to try and try until they get it back PNP and FIB can intervene unannounced when 2 gangs are engaged in a gang war PNP and FIB can capture territories but must announce thru OOC AFP, Sheriffs, EMS, Mechanics, Taxi drivers, Terrorists and other civilians are not allowed to participate including distresses Using of emotes that will create a disadvantage to the other party (like /e passout) is strictly not allowed All doors in a gang base will be unlocked Must wear a gang uniform Must wear a mask No Gang Alliance No Helmet Prohibited Weapons: Sniper Assault shotgun Heavy shotgun Heavy Revolver RPG Throwables Transportation: 1 Helicopter at a time Gang car, personal car or local cars can be used except EXCLUSIVE CARS FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE RULES WILL BE WARNED!
  2. Syndicate Uniforms Yakuza Official Uniform Gaijin Official Uniform La Famigla Official Uniform Honcho Official Uniform Los Bandoleros Official Uniform Hidalgo Cartel Official Uniform Cartel de Sinaloa Official Uniform Whitelisted Job Uniforms CCU - Central Command Unit/Aurora Police Department SAF - Special Action Forces/Armed Forces of Aurora
  3. Gangs Gang vs Gang Raiding a Gang Base, there would be 10 minutes mark before the raid began. Every gang member must wear their uniform if they're going to do any gang-related activities. Once a member of the gang is dead they are not allowed to go back to the scene. Do not call for a back up if your radio/cellphone is taken by the enemy. Don't talk and give information using your radio if you're dead. Once cleared, they should notify everyone by saying / CLEAR Gang turf are highly redzone area, you might get killed. Value your life. Don't break character even if someone violated the rules, continue rp. NO GANG ALLIANCE Others CIVILIANS (OR GANG MEMBERS NOT WEARING THEIR UNIFORM) CAUGHT PARTICIPATING OR KILLING GANG MEMBERS AT THEIR PARTICULAR BASES FOR NO REASON AT ALL WILL BE CHARGED WITH RDM AND BE BANNED FOR 30 DAYS. For Gang members - Shoot to kill if you caught any person wearing/copying your gang uniform.