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AuroraRP - Guide Book for EMS

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Aurora Medical Center

  • EMS will priority robbery over other distress and therefore everyone must value their life.
  • Distress near/inside the red zones must be avoided.
  • If criminals demand EMS to save one of their members, do as they say. But BPM rules are still being applied.
  • Criminals demand to revive one of their member that have 0-5 which is considered dead, and they killed the combat ems consider as fail RP.

0 - 5 Considered dead
6 - 10 Need surgery + permission from close friends/family member
11 - 15 Need surgery
16+ Revive on the spot

This is also applicable to robbery situation. All patients must be revive inside the hospital.

Pricing List

Price List
Medikit    500k        
Bandage    450k

Medical Rules during Robbery/Roleplay

  • There should be at least 1 Medic (On duty) left in the hospital during a robbery or Joint Operation.
  • LEOs and Medics will inform us via OOC chat if the robbery is clear
  • EMS cannot revive anyone when there is an on-going crime scene/RP. Even if it is an accidental death of a LEO, or a random civilian getting involved.
  • LEO and Combat Medic will first be revived by the Medic on the spot (based on their bpm).
  • Criminals will have to be brought to the nearest Medical Center if their BPM falls 6 - 15 BPM, accompanied by the police.
  • Check the vitals of the patient (LEO and Combat EMS) and revive according to the bpm rules then the criminals.
  • A criminal who is unconscious that have been revived by Combat Medic and/or Medic are subject to surrender to the police.
  • If all the LEOs and Combat Medic are dead and criminals demand Medic to save one of their members, do as they say. But BPM rules are still being applied.
  • If the LEOs, Combat Medic and criminals are ALL unconscious. Through getting all of the police and criminal bpm we will know who won.
  • All LEOs, Combat medic and Criminals will be revived. 
  • If all the police have better bpm than the criminals the winner will be the police. The criminals have to surrender their guns, dirty money and other illegal materials.
  • But If the criminal has better bpm than the police the winner will be the criminals. The criminal will take home the dirty money they got from the bank/yacht/jewellery/store.

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