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AuroraRP - Turf War

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Turf War

  • Consist of 15 members in each gang can participate in the said event 
  • There will be 3 turfs that you can attack and defend.
  • Turf war can only happen thrice a week for 2 hrs (*)
  • Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (10 pm -12 mn PHT)
  • You must hold the turf within 3minutes to officially get it
  • You must be in Gang Uniform 
  • Turf war is considered RED ZONE
  • EMS,PNP,AFP,ACA, ARPA can not partake in this event.
  • ---reviving by the EMS while the event is still on-going is not allowed
  • Shoot to kill enabled within the turf area
  • Point System for every Capture
  • Respawn after 2 mins at their base.

Weapons Allowed:

  • All Rifles
  • All Pistols
  • All SMG's
  • All Melee's


  • No sniper, One-shot guns, and Machine Guns
  • No shotguns
    • Heavy shotguns and assault shotgun
  • No any type of throwables
  • No RPG, No Grenade Launcher, 
  • No Helmets 
  • No Team Up
  • No Cars/Helicopter
    • Restricted to Gang Car to be used as transportation
  • No VDM


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