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Anti - OOC rule

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Section I. OOC, Metagaming and Overall Toxicity.


1. Meta gaming - Stick to your RP. Using OOC methods to gather information of a player from a 3rd party source/non-ingame source is considered meta gaming.

2. Toxicity - We condone toxic behavior in our community. Punishment varies from 500 community service to permanent ban.

3. Death & NLR - Respect NLR. You should not remember anything after you died. You should not use /me to communicate with other players while you are dead. Revenge killing also falls under this category.

4. No value of life - Compliance is the key. No value of life also applies to criminals going out of the crime scene to act casual while there is an ongoing rp.



  • 1st offense 500 comserv, +1 official warning
  • 2nd offense +500, +1 warning (Example: 2nd infraction = 1000 comserv total + warning.)

Section II. OOC in comms.

1. OOC in twitter. Misuse of OOC chat

  • /ad is for official businesses.
  • twitter is for casual social media networking
  • OOC Chat is for important communications if voice chat is not present at the time.
  • /me is only used if voice chat is faulty.

2. Using the /report function in the middle of RP

  • You are now required to finish the RP before you can report. We will not respond to your reports if we find out that there is an ongoing RP. Sure, we'll pay you a visit and verify the report but rest assured you will also be punished accordingly.

3. OOC reports

  • Reports that include continuity, ongoing beef. This often promotes toxic behavior because of a dispute from a previous report that has been settled already. After a report is settled, make sure that you have already reached an agreement so it won't carry over to the next one(report).


  • 1st offense Verbal warning
  • 2nd offense 1 hr global mute
  • 3nd offense 50~100 comserv
  • 4rd offense +500 comserv, +1 warning
  • 5th offense +500 comserv, +1 warning


*Punishments are subjective. Time played will be taken into consideration and will be laxer to new players.

*This rule is subject to change.

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